About me

I can not remember the first time I had a camera in my hand. But what I know for sure is that now, years later, it's one of the most important parts of my life. 

Capturing life and moments, precious memories - my Sony Alpha 58 has become my companion in everyday life. 


Even though I'm fascinated by all genres of photography, my love for animal and nature photography definitely dominate my portfolio.

As I am currently living in Ireland you will also find a lot of travel photos in my blog. 


I hope you enjoy my photos and please don't hesitate to contact me if any questions may occur!






Tallaght Photographic Society - League 2016/17

        September 2016: Winner (Intermediate Projected)

        October 2016: Winner (Intermediate Mono Print )

November 2016: Winner (Intermediate Projected)

3rd (Intermediate Mono Print)


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kwerfeldein.de (Juli 2017) - instakwer #16

kwerfeldein.de (April 2017) - instakwer #9 

kwerfeldein.de (February 2017) - instakwer #5


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