All black

I know I've been posting a lot of black and white animal shots lately but I  just rediscovered my love for them! I am back in my hometown where I own an annual ticket for the local zoo and I go there nearly every week. A lot of people don't like zoos and the living conditions there... even though I agree with some of the points of criticism it's just the cheapest and easiest way to photograph exotic and different animals without the need to fly around the world. So here we go...

Cats of Bulgaria

I spent the last 16 days in Bulgaria, going from one end to the other, from the Vitosha mountains near Sofia to the ancient city of Veliko Tarnovo and the black sea oases Varna and Burgas. There was so much to see and to do but only thing that reappeared in all those places: the cats in the streets. Wherever we went we saw cats lying, sitting and roaming. I couldn't miss the chance of taking as many photos I could of those beauties...

Fine art flamingo

I finally managed to go to the zoo again, unfortunately I was too busy in the last months to visit one... But now I found time to go and see all the fantastic animals again! I totally fell in love with the flamingos and I shot a couple of pictures that could be edited into fine art b&w photos. I love the contrast between the white feathers and the black background... What do you think?

My latest trip to Northern Ireland

A couple of weeks ago I walked the Causeway Coast Way in Northern Ireland - one of the best experiences in my life! I shot over 4000 pictures in four days so it will take some more days to sort them out and edit, but here are some shots to give you a first impression of how amazing my days were! 

So in love with Irish birds

When I was living in Ireland I rediscovered my love for nature and landscape photography. I never had the right equipment to focus on bird photography as it's a very complex and difficult field of photography. But of course I couldn't resist to take a few snaps when I happened to see a bird along the way. So here are six of my own favourite photographs of Irish birds, a couple of them I might have already shared here on the blog. Enjoy!

My first experiments with macro photography

I never felt too enthusiastic about macro photography. I always liked the photos though, the detailed close-ups of insects and flowers. So I decided to give it a try and learn a bit more about this fascinating field of photography.

Some days ago I purchuased my first macro lens ever: the TAMRON 90mm F2.8 (1:1). I used the nice spring weather and took my first snaps - it was amazing! I will definitely give it a couple of more tries - summer is coming and brings a lot more flowers, insects and little things left to discover. 

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Glenariff Forest Park

The Glenariff Forest Park, County Antrim in Northern Ireland, is a special place that offers several hiking paths... 

The unique Waterfall Walkway provides three waterfalls while the other forest trails come alon with panoramic landscapes and peaceful riverside walks.

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Low-Key: lion and orang-utan

My low-key animal portraits are ususally the ones I personally like the best. The texture, the lightning, the intensity of the gaze... everything mixed together. I continue this series with two new shots made in Dublin Zoo: a lion and an orang-utan.

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Dark Hedges

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Rosses Point, Sligo

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Aran Islands: Inis Mór

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Winter minimalism

Sometimes walking through the snow and cold offers unexpected photographic opportunities. And sometimes the small things in life are the most important.

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Carton House Maynooth

Connemara II


Driving through Connemara means seeing Ireland at its best. The rough Atlantic, countless lakes, high mountains, sheep and cows and donkeys. Definitely a place to go all year!


I am lucky enough to live with one of the cutest cats in the world. She is a happy indoor cat but gets excited about the outside world sometimes and huddles up on the sunny windowsill. Perfect lighting conditions for some shots.

Film is not dead! A 35 mm SLR project

The first time ever I've done a photo project with a 35mm single lens reflex camera. Using an Ilford XP2 black-and-white film I finally finished my "Identity Project". I hope you like it! More pics are about to come.

County Donegal

The County Donegal is one of the most beautiful places in Ireland I have visited so far. The wild Atlantic, wonderful forests, breathtaking cliffs. 

Great Sugar Loaf


Being one of Ireland's most beautiful tourist attraction Glendalough is always worth a visit. 

The "valley of the two lakes" is located in the Wicklow Mountains National Park and famous for its spectacular scenery and abundant wildlife.  


Along the Coast from Bray to Greystone

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